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2 Weeks - That is what we ask you to wait before contacting us about lost shipments. We have to allow time for slow delivery. 
We ship as fast as possible but we do NOT deliver. That job belongs to the post office. Please allow them time to do their job.

We do NOT do any C.O.D. orders. No "billing" or "invoicing". The checkout process is as simple as possible, and very secure. There is no reason not to complete the process online.

Read this link before contacting us: "FAQ's"


Most questions are addressed in the "Frequently Asked Questions"

We do NOT offer mail tracking.. Why? ..... Short answer is it is useless..
If we charged you for tracking, and you paid for it, and an order is lost then the "tracking" will only show the last place it was scanned. It will NOT find the package. Especially if it is stolen by postal employees.. (not a small problem).


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