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What happens to a family after they survive a devastating calamity like an earthquake? The movie follows the surprising decisions that each family member will make in the aftermath of such a tragedy… life-changing decisions that will either lead them to a future of lasting happiness, or one full of despair.


Maricel is still bitter about her failed and already annulled marriage to Gabby. Gabby, on the other hand, has moved on and even married his much younger girlfriend Carla. On the night of the earthquake, Maricel’s only daughter Eula, who happens to be spending the night with Gabby and Carla, is seriously injured and falls into coma. Gabby decides to take time off from work to help Maricel take care of their daughter. But Eula dies, and this shared grief for the loss of their only child draws Maricel and Gabby closer and closer until it leads them to one night of passion. Carla, in the meantime, is left to take care of the family business (a small ad agency) alone, and feels neglected as a wife. She is about to suspect Gabby of infidelity but by this time, Maricel has already made the decision to distance herself from Gabby to deal with her pain alone. But Maricel will soon find out that she is pregnant with Gabby’s child. This comes as a shock to Carla, who is expecting to start a family with Gabby. Who will Gabby choose? The ex-wife who is now carrying his child and with whom he has found new and intense love, or the newly married wife who he still has feelings for and promised to love forever? In the end, it is Maricel who decides to walk away to save Gabby’s marriage.


Jericho is Maricel’s younger brother. Jericho is man of habit, a creature of routine who spends his days at work and is home by 7pm to have dinner with his wife Lovi and their 1-year-old baby son. On the outside, Jericho seems to have an absolutely perfect normal life.  What he doesn’t know is that Lovi has been keeping secrets from him. A singer by profession, Lovi was forced to abandon his career a year ago when she found herself pregnant with Jericho’s child. Unknown to Jericho, whenever he is out of town on business, Lovi continues to sing with her band at clubs and private functions. On the night of the earthquake, Jericho leaves for a business trip, and Lovi once again uses the opportunity to perform with her band, leaving her baby with the nanny. To Lovi’s horror, in the aftermath she finds out that the baby and her nanny were crushed to death when a portion of their house collapsed. Upon Jericho’s return, she makes her husband believe that she was at home with their baby when the earthquake struck, and that she did everything to save their child. Jericho is devasted but tells Lovi that it is no one’s fault. They are young, and they can start over. But what happens when Jericho finds out the truth? How will Lovi explain herself and save their marriage? The anguish and devastation will drive Lovi to commit suicide, but Jericho will save her in time, and find it in his heart to forgive his wife.

Solenn is Maricel and Jericho’s half-sister. Raised and schooled abroad, she struggles to find her place in the highly competitive and fast moving world of the TV company her father owns, and which Maricel runs with an iron hand. Solenn looks up to her mother Agot, a woman in her early 40s and still very attractive. On the night of the earthquake, Agot is injured in a car accident on her way home. What Solenn doesn’t know is that Agot was with a much-younger man when the accident happened. That man is Dennis, Agot’s lover and kept boy for over a year. Dennis, a former macho dancer, is now working as a gym instructor and trying to start life anew. The accident leaves Agot temporarily handicapped and over time she stops seeing Dennis. Solenn, meanwhile, decides to return to the gym, employing her mother’s former PT Dennis. One thing leads to another until Dennis and Solenn find themselves in a situation neither of them saw coming- they have fallen madly, deeply in love with each other. What happens when Agot finds out that she is competing for the same guy with her very own daughter? And how will Dennis prove to Solenn that he is not after her money, that his love for her is genuine, deep and sincere? In the end, Solenn and Dennis decide to cool off, but not after Dennis asserts that his love for Solenn is unwavering, and that he will continue to be there for her until she changes her mind and embraces his love, or marries someone else -- whichever comes first.

Release Date: January 2012
Label:     Regal Films
Genre:     Drama
Format: DVD
Running Time: 117 mins
Cast: Maricel Soriano,Gabby Concepcion,Carla Abellana,Jericho Rosales,Agot Isidro,Ronaldo Valdez,Solenn Heussaff,Dennis Trillo,Paulo Avelino, Lovi Poe,Eula Caballero

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