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A Plea to God (Makiusap Sa Diyos) - DVD


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Dolores (Gutierrez), a kindhearted novitiate devoted to her faith, sees her life take a turn for the worse after becoming the victim of rape. And instead of gaining sympathy, she is punished by her superiors for something she did not will, prompting her to flee the nunnery.

She eventually gives birth and marries Vince (De Leon)whom she later discovers to be her rapist. With this realization, she accepts him and attributes her fate to God's will. However their happiness as a married couple never materializes because of Vince's infidelity.

Ostracized for being raped, bearing a child she did not intend to have, and marrying an infidel who turns out to be her rapist, Dolores ends up as many women do in a highly patriarchal society- a victim through and through.

Directed by Lino Brocka.

  • Gabby Concepcion
  • Christopher De Leon
  • Ruffa Gutierrez

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