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7 year-old BIKBOK goes home to the province with his mother, ISAY, a blind woman who just gave birth to a baby sister fathered by Isay’s second husband, ALLAN, Bikbok’s stepfather. Upon settling, Bikbok notices strange happenings around the area where they live. Dead animals become an everyday encounter. The locals assume they are being harassed by the rebels from the mountain.

One night, Bikbok sees strange beings casing the hut where they live. When Bikbok follows the flight of the fireflies into a secluded waterfalls area, Bikbok has a close encounter with these beings and they warn him to return what they have taken or they will pay the price.

Bikbok seeks the help of the elder albularya, EPANG, who explains that the creatures are called Tamawo’s, nocturnal beings who have shut themselves out from human contact many years.

When the Tamawo’s mount one attack after another to retrieve what was taken from them, it is up to Bikbok to convince Isay and Allan that they have something they should return to the Tamawo’s before everything is too late.


Best friends KAREN and LIZA break into a condemned lighthouse during a field trip. Their friend BARON warn them from outside when he sees the two up in the deck of the lighthouse. Soon, a brilliant light wraps the whole structure and the two fall off the railing.

Karen and Liza wake up in the hospital unscathed. But they soon deal with the reality of a family feud that is going to tear them and their families apart. To make matters worse, they realize they are being haunted by the ghosts of two women who have escaped from the lighthouse when the two girls broke in.

Soon, Karen and Liza realize that they are acquiring powers beyond their imagination, fueled by the possession of the two ghosts. As the haunting and the feud between their families escalate, the two best friends wage their own war against each other.

Who are the two spirits and why are they haunting the two best friends? It is up to Karen and Liza to discover this and put a stop to their possession if they want to survive this episode of horror in their lives.


Mar (Jay Manalo) and Cynthia (Eugene Domingo) celebrate their anniversary during the wrath of Ondoy. After the typhoon they closed down their factory and tries to sell it. After sometime, unexplainable things started to happen as one by one each of their family members started to die due to drowning. The story unfolds into much darker hidden secret they've done in the past that is now haunting them.

Release Date:     March 2012
Label:     Regal Films
Genre:     Horror
Format:     DVD Movie
Running Time:     145 mins.
Cast:     Eugene Domingo, Kathryn Bernardo, Edgar Allan Guzman, Louise delos Reyes, Maricar Reyes, Sam Concepcion, Zanjoe Marudo

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