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One year after the violent death of Carlos' (Luis Alandy) girlfriend Beatrice, Anna (Precious Lara Quigaman), Carlos current love starts experiencing supernatural events. Afraid and surprised, Anna thinks that Beatrice's ghost is haunting her. Anna approaches an espiritista, Idang (Angelika dela Cruz), and the medium tells her that Beatrice, powered by her Babang Luksa, is possibly haunting Anna to extract her revenge, as Anna is the main cause of her suicide.

Anna performs a ritual to speak to the dead girl's spirit, and to pacify Beatrice's anger. For a while, the haunting stops… Until the deaths begin. It begins with their common friend, Miguel. More perplexed than before, Anna consults Idang again, who tells her that it is not Beatrice’s spirit that she called out – it is a Sigbin. A spirit trapped within the portal of the mirror, a Sigbin will need to acquire three spirits that are close to the person who set it free – Anna.

Three spirits who have no protection from Death by breaking the power of the pamahiin. The only way to save these three victims is to protect themselves from Death by fulfilling the pamahiin. Miguel, who failed to do pagpag, the act of passing through a different place after a wake before going home, was taken first. Despite Idang’s intervention, Miguel’s girlfriend, Kris, is killed next.

Unable to take back what she did – knocked on Beatrice’s casket – Kris is taken by the Sigbin. Idang is ultimately killed by the Sigbin for interfering with its will. After Kris’s death, Anna remembers that Carlo placed a rosary upon Beatrice’s folded hands a year before – a rosary which he forgot to cut. Carlo and Anna rushes to Beatrice’s grave. Carlo dugs up the body, and cuts the rosary. They are momentarily relieved…

The past flashes back and Anna realizes that before they bury Beatrice, she discreetly placed a rosary in the corpse’s pocket. Then Anna is suddenly taken. Darkness swallows the scene, and Carlo’s scream is heard.

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