Caregiver -- DVD


A poignant portrayal of the Filipino
family's struggle to make a better life by leaving everything behind to work overseas. Sharon Cuneta plays the role of an English teacher who left her profession to work as a caregiver in London. She had to leave her son with her mother-in-law to join her husband who also works in health care. As a caregiver, Sharon's character was assigned to care for a wealthy publisher who at first was very unkind to her until one time when he hurled the food across the room. With all of her dignity, addressing the patient as "Mr. Morgan, Sir", she told him that she did not deserve to be treated the way he was treating her. Thereafter, they became friends. She, the loyal caregiver, and he,the appreciative ward to the end.
Sharon played the role with such earnestness that you have to have a heart of steel not to feel her sadness when she bought her son a jacket "para may allowance at kasya na sa iyo pag kuha ko sa iyo" (so that it has allowance and would fit you when I come to pick you up) before she left for the UK. You also feel her angst when she found out that her husband was not a nurse but an orderly; and you feel her emotional struggle as her husband steadily became belligerent and emotionally abusive to her. You want to put your hands on her shoulder to gently shake her and say to her that as far as you are concerned, no matter what, "You are great mom, you are a hard worker, I am proud of you."
And you find yourself talking to the her/screen and advising her about her marriage, "Leave that jerk!" And in the end, after you have calmed yourself, you realize that she mjay have actually listened to you!
Two thumbs up!
Date Added: 11/29/2008 by Norma Goo

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