All My Life - DVD


This is the usual Aga Muhlach as hearthrob-met his true love during a cruise; she was some sort of runaway bride, he is an event planner who needed a break, oh I forgot he owns and rents out his yacht and she is the daughter of a lechon restaurant owner with a "lumpen" (low class) dad and a mother who is stereotypical "bungangera"--go figure how they ended up with a daughter that has relatively good manners. In any case, boy meets girl-gets married--he passes away. Aga is the usual, like he just walks onto the set of another love story. He has done others and he always deliver --playful,cute--wo what else is new. Kristin Hermosa is more realistic in Gulong Ng Palad --in this vehicle, just so-so. Story for those who will cry easily for another yet love story.
Date Added: 12/17/2008 by Norma Goodwin

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