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Abakada...Ina is a portrayal of the consequences of being illiterate. Lorna Tolentino (albeit the very bad make up job to make her look dark skinned) was convincing. Albert Martinez did his formulaic acting--yell, scream, hiss, etc like he did in other movies where he plays an abusive husband. Now, his character knew from the very start that she was illeterate and had every reason to know she would make mistakes due to this and yet, he, the educated one never taught her. Oh well, he berates her and physically abuses her in the presence of others. So our heroine left him and their children. She realized her predicament and started to go to school again.
By the end of the movie she was attending classes and learning ABAKADA (alphabet) and her make up was still very bad!
The late Nida Blanca did a fine job of being a subdued elitist in this movie. Now, if only Albert Martinez and Christopher de Leon would both go back to acting classes to learn a little bit of subtlety in acting, the Pinoy filmdom would not suffer the lack of convincing male actors.
Date Added: 12/17/2008 by Norma Goodwin
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