Anak, The Movie - DVD


This movie is one of Ms. Vilma Santos' best-she has the dramatic chops to pull this off, and she did. The only thing that enters your mind while you are going through the box of Kleenex, feeling sorry for Josie and finally, when she confronts her rebellious daughter (Carla) is "What took you so long? Slap that ungrateful tramp!" As the Pinoys would say "Sapakin mo!" Suddenly, you feel better for Josie.

One memorable scene was the morning after Vilma's Josie discovered that her daughter brought home a young man to spend the night. He was trying to leave while Josie was chopping food on the cutting board. Without missing a beat, she ordered the young man, "Upo!" (Sit!) -- You know you do not mess around with a Pinay holding a knife and ordering you to sit down.

Two thumbs up.
Date Added: 11/29/2008 by Norma Goo

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