Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo -- DVD


Plot is simple and the movie is light hearted with chuckles and shocks at some of the antics by its characters. Gina Pareno's confident assertions that "I am politicians!" or her imperatives of "Take it or leave it....leave it!!" gives you fits of laughters. The seating statue of Christ in the dining room adds culturally correct commentary on Pinoy style.

On the other hand, Gloria Diaz's character (balae to Gina's), unnerved by the fact that Gina is coming to stay for a few days is so not Filipino and demonstrates the snooty behavior of privileged Filipinos towards the poor ones. But perhaps this conflict was necessary to illustrate the contrast of the two social classes.

The movie is cute--to baby boomer expats--it is the "Iyan na si Gloria? Si Ariel ureta yun? Ay si Gina talaga, dating bombshell yun!" that added the appeal.
Date Added: 10/07/2008 by Munam Goodwin

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